Many people and many churches think it is proper Christianity to focus on Jesus and His gift of salvation (death, burial and resurrection) at the exclusion of most anything else. The emphasis would appear to be one dedicated to knowing only what God has accomplished for man and his good. Not to seem indifferent to the wonderful work of Christ on our behalf, as it is a merciful and needful accomplishment for mankind, we mustn’t breeze lightly over God’s plan and purpose for doing so. Let us not be normal! Let us ask, “Why did You do that, God?” Ask Him to reveal His heart thoughts and His motivation to you and KNOW HIM MORE INTIMATELY!

Far be it from me to have the expectation that you should believe all I have to say. But, if I can spark that philosophical bent God put in each of us to know something beyond our own self, then, I will have succeeded. I also have much to learn and am therefore open to learning from you and learning from your Holy Spirit revelation of God’s infallible Word. May you be blessed and may you be a blessing as we allow God’s plan to unfold in our lives FOR HIS GLORY!

This could be an exciting journey for us!


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