Prayer: Father God, help me to understand so I may know You and serve You well.


One question has harassed me most of my adult life. It came to a head while attending Bible College many years ago. In all my endeavors to live the “happy” Christian life I still experienced much sadness and depression.

“Why can’t I be happy Father?”

I grew up loathing myself. The more I was unhappy with myself the more I was unhappy with others. On the good advice from a Christian brother, I forced myself to stand in front of a mirror and speak out, “I love you.” This confession was based more on wanting to see myself from God’s point of view rather than my personal feeling about myself, as I was very aware of my failures and “short comings” (PC for “sins”). Much of the sadness and depression migrated away from me.

As I mellowed in the Lord, a flippant statement I had made a couple of years before came back to me and bit me in the heart!

“Father, I want to know Your heart!”

First, I had no idea if He would take me seriously because I was not sure that He would be willing to share that with me. Second, I had no idea what that would look like, but I was open!

Now years later, many years later, God has exposed Himself to me in ways that would overwhelm me and sometimes frighten me. I have never seen the dead raised, the blind see, or the deaf hear. I believe He does these things even today! However, this display of His awesomeness is not what I was asking Him for. No. I was asking the only true God for was to have insight into His mind and asking for His motives for doing what He does.

How absurd this request seams to me even right now! But I am humbled by His thoughtful attention to my request. Perhaps, the most life changing result of this journey is to recognize the deep devotion and respect He demands from His cherished creation, and why.


Why the question, “Why did You do that God”?

It may seem strange to asked God what some would classify as “silly” questions. Or, perhaps, you come from the School of Thought that says “That is God’s business, not ours.” Then your School of Thought might very well be the School of Non-thought.

It would appear to me that God is perfectly able to speak to us on our level of understanding on matters He chooses, thus revealing Himself in His Holy Scriptures. If Father God had not wanted us to ask questions of Him then why the philosophical bent of mind to seek and understand? Unh oh, there is one of those “pesky” questions again! Jesus said to His disciples, “Truly I say to you, unless you are converted and become like children, you shall not enter the kingdom of heaven…”  Matt 18:3. Have you ever met a child that wasn’t inquisitive, full of “whys” and “hows?”

Have you ever wondered why God allowed the serpent in the garden of Eden in the first place? Why was there a tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil accessible to His newest creation? Do you think it was a “set-up?” Even before the creation of the earth as we know it, why was it described as without form and void?

I will not tell you that God will answer all our questions, but I read nothing that says we must not ask. In all my years of Bible study I have never read where God told anyone to “Shut-up, you’re asking too many questions!”

Are you curious why God told Abraham to offer his son of promise as a sacrifice? What about Job and his suffering? What was the point in God giving His permission to Satan to destroy all but his life?


These and many other questions, when understood reveal awesome strengths of God character and His love for us. How better to build a relationship than knowing more of what motivates the One you worship (or should worship). It is good to know we are loved by Almighty God, but why? It is wonderful and perhaps hard to understand this same God loves us so much that He gave His only begotten Son, but why? What motivates Him to love us? Would you come with me on this journey?

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